Dress Code


Dress Code Policy

We believe that attention to appearance and a student's attitude toward self and school are related. Good taste, good grooming, and appropriateness of attire are a part of learning for both boys and girls. However, we recognize that students' mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of their personal style and individual preference. We believe that students and parents can freely choose apparel that demonstrates individuality, as well as maintain the standards of appropriateness. 

According to Governing Board Policy 2105* "A consistent dress and grooming policy is necessary in order to maintain order, provide a safe school environment and promote discipline. Dress or grooming that draw undue attention detract from the educational process and are therefore unacceptable."Click here for a copy of the complete policy.

The Clovis Unified School District Administrative Regulation 2105* enforces a dress code for all students, grades K-12. Sound judgment and reasonableness must prevail in interpreting the dress code. Its purpose is to foster students' pride in themselves and to instill the attitudes, values, and standards reflected by the society in which the students will take their place.

All clothing shall be neat, clean and acceptable in appearance and shall be worn within the bounds of decency and good taste as appropriate for school. seasons, students in grades pre-school through 6 are not allowed to wear flip-flops, shoes or sandals without a heel strap. 


"Walking shorts " are defined as having pock ets, a maximum of four inches  above  the top of the knee, hemmed, and not form fitting.

All sportswear-type  shorts, bike shorts (spandex),  gym shorts, shorts more than four inches  above  the top of the knee, frayed with holes are unacceptable.

Principals have discretion to suspend shorts days at their school site because students fail to obey the shorts policy.

See below for Legging example

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