Principal's Note

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our school website!  This website is available to give you school information, tell you about upcoming events, as well as offer a means of communication with the staff.  I would like to thank each of the parents, students and staff for making Weldon such a great place!  I am honored to serve as the principal here at Weldon. Weldon is a school rich in school spirit and pride, and filled with a supportive community and staff.

We are proud of the rich traditions that exist here at Weldon Elementary. Our school was built at its current location in 1949, and many generations of families have built a proud culture of pride and school spirit. I look forward to the success of your child, both in and out of the classroom, as we continue on our academic journey together.

The mission of the staff at Weldon Elementary is to shape students to become productive members of society as well as becoming a nationally recognized elementary school.  Through collaboration with one another and our community on an ongoing basis, we will seek continuous improvement in areas of curriculum, communication, plant operations as well as on-site programs.

Students will be challenged academically through instruction.  Participation in co-curricular activities will be encouraged for all students.  The six pillars of character and multicultural awareness will also be an integral part of the curriculum to promote positive social interaction and decision-making. 

We strive to enlist the home as a major ally of the teacher and the school. We encourage you to contact your child's teacher or the school office should you have questions or concerns.  I look forward to working with students, staff and parents to make this another great year at Weldon Elementary School. To accomplish our goals, we need parents to take an active role in their child’s educational future.

Please call the school (559.327.8300) if you have questions, concerns, or would merely like to support the continual improvement of our school. You may also contact me directly by e-mail at:

Let’s have another great year! WARRIORS ROCK!



Ray Lozano