Oral Interpretation


 You think you know the story of the Three Little pigs, do you? Well, you just might be surprised at how the wolf tells the story. His point of view is mighty different than the one we all know! Come along and learn what "really happened" to those poor little pigs! Please enjoy Weldon's Oral Interpretation group as they perform a poem written by Mrs. Alexander based on the book The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka.

Message from Mrs. A:

I am still looking for students who would like to be in Oral Interp!!! We practice on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays from now until Feb 6!! Anyone who can memorize a long poem is eligible. I will throw a few lunch time practices as it gets closer to the performance, but mostly before school. Please also announce to those who are already in OI that we have practice this Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30-8:00!!