Boundary Changes

October 07, 2015 at 10:33 AM

Weldon is not affected by the proposals.

The following is a message from the District Office

Possible attendance boundary scenario updated and questions answered following area parent meetings

Following a series of well-attended parent meetings across the District and the collection of online and in-person feedback, an update to the attendance boundary scenarios released in September have been added to the Clovis Unified website (  Updates also include more information related to Frequently Asked Questions addressing many of the requests, comments and questions received during the past three weeks. Information about transfer options is also included in this update.  


School Site(s)








Monday, 10/14/15

5:30 pm

Fugman MPR

Dry Creek

Tuesday, 10/13/15

5:30 pm

Dry Creek MPR


Maple Creek & Liberty joint meeting

Wednesday, 10/12/15

5:30 pm

Maple Creek MPR


Tuesday, 10/20/15

5:30 pm

Riverview MPR


Wednesday, 10/21/15

5:30 pm

Cedarwood MPR