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Breakfast Club is Coming To Weldon!!

Parents, we are inviting you to join the Weldon Breakfast Club!  The number of students that are attending breakfast in the morning is growing tremendously this year.

In order to keep everyone safe in the cafeteria and to stay in compliance with the Fire Marshall, we must limit the number of parents that enter the cafeteria for breakfast. The breakfast club will be a rotation of ten parents that will have the chance to eat breakfast with their children in the cafeteria for a week.  Every week we will rotate to the next ten parents on the list. Parents are required to check into the office and register to volunteer the Friday before starting their week of breakfast club.  Every morning, parents must check in with office staff and receive your new badge for the morning.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding in helping make our Weldon cafeteria a safe place for all students!  We look forward to seeing you at breakfast club!!!
Follow the link below to sign up for the Weldon Breakfast Club: 
Breakfast Club