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Pi Day Fun and Winners
pi day winners
Weldon Pi Day 2024 ??was so fun! Great job everyone and thank you Ms. Erickson for hosting this event. 

Congratulations and thank you to all who participated in 2024 Pi Day.  
We had six new Weldon records made!
Number of participants - 112
Student High Number -   101  Grade 6 Emma Youngs
Staff High Number -      101  Ms. Westcott (2nd consecutive year as staff champion)
RSP Parent High Number - 20  Mr. Christopher Terry 
Superstar Pi Day Class -  Grade 1  Ms. Hunter’s class with 100% participation and pie earners.
All  112 participants earned a piece of pie!
(Ms. Erickson’s new personal record - 208 exhibition)

Pi Day Grade Level Winners

Grade Kindergarten:  Ryder Townsend  6 numbers
Grade 1:  Hagen Moral  32 numbers
Grade 2: Neewar  Osman    22 numbers
Grade 3:  Roslyn Harper   17 numbers
Grade 4:  Andi Steitz - 38 numbers
Grade 5:  Mykela Gandy  79 numbers
Grade 6:  Emma Youngs   101 numbers

Thank you!  Looking forward to Pi day 2025!!