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Weldon Elementary

weldon school

Luther E. Weldon Elementary School was established in 1902 as Clovis Grammar School. The present site became the Luther E. Weldon School in 1949. The building was home to 8 classrooms. Permanent additions were made in 1957. The school has since grown, increasing to 31 permanent and temporary classrooms in 1999.

Weldon was named after a long time Clovis resident, Luther E. Weldon. Born in1869, Luther Weldon's family moved from Texas to Fresno, California. In 1895, L.E. Weldon moved to Clovis to act as engineer for a flourmill established by the Cates family. Later he was a night engineer for the Fresno Flume and Lumber Company. He then worked for the Copper King Mining Company for 9 years as a construction and shipping superintendent. When the mine closed he returned to Clovis and went into the building business.

In 1914, Mr. Weldon bought the Clovis Drayage Company from the widow of James Turner and changed the name to Clovis Dray and Ice Company. This is the oldest business in Clovis.
Throughout his life, Mr. Weldon was involved in his community and its progress. His served as City Clerk of Clovis from 1912 to 1920. He also served as a member of the City Council and was Mayor of Clovis for 8 1/2 years. He served as Mayor until his death October 24, 1948.clovis grammar school

For many years he was also a trustee of the Clovis Grammar School and for more than 20 years, was a member of the Clovis High School Board of Trustees. He was President of the Board for a number of years and served as the President of the County Association of School Trustees.
He believed that students should be given the best education, and worked to improve and raise the standard of Clovis schools. It was through his efforts that the high school took over part of the horse show grounds to enlarge the high school, which became Clark Intermediate School in 1969.


Weldon Elementary is an AVID school. To learn more click here: AVID


weldon school

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