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Expanded Learning Program

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Expanded Learning Program

Student artwork from ASES

 Program Overview 

Our goal is to provide safe, quality child care and enrichment that is designed to enhance your child’s educational experience right on your elementary school campus.  We value working with parents, staff and students at each site to support the classroom curriculum and instruction before and after school.
 Expanded Learning Provides:
  • A curriculum based on the developmental needs of school-age students.
  • Program activities that foster the social, emotional, academic and physical development of children.
  • Enrollment open to all CUSD students (TK-6).
  • Positive interactions among staff, parents and children that promote respect and sensitivity toward all people.
  • A safe, healthy and nurturing environment where character counts.

Programs Offered: 

  • Before school care starting at 7:00am to the start of school. (At most school sites.)
  • Before and After TK/Kindergarten class care.
  • After school care starting immediately after school ends until 5:30pm or 6:00pm (depending on the school site).
  • Early Release Wednesdays - Starting immediately after school ends on Wednesdays only until the end of the school day time. 
  • Optional Full Day Programs - offered on select dates/sites for Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.

TK/KINDERGARTEN Expanded Learning Information
Daily Activities
  • Large Group:
A group activity time that might include reading a book, weather and calendar review, sharing and daily announcements.
  • Enrichment:
Enrichment is a planned activity time that relates to the monthly theme and might include activities such as art, cooking, STEM, sensory and dramatic play. Each month the students learn about a different artist and practice the techniques used to create a masterpiece.
  • Outdoor Play:
Structured and unstructured outdoor play and exploration time.  
  • Music:
The children are introduced to music through dance, listening skills, playing or making their own musical instrument.   

  • Lunch:
TK/Kindergarten students attending Expanded Learning will eat lunch daily.  You have the option of sending your child to school with a lunch packed from home or you may purchase a lunch for your child at the school site by setting up an account in the cafeteria.  A monthly menu is available on the CUSD website, under Campus Catering.  We encourage you to use this menu and discuss your child’s lunch choices each day. The CUSD Campus Catering website includes information regarding food allergies and special diets.
Other Information:
  • Pick up Drop off:
All TK/Kindergarten students who attend Expanded Learning are dropped off and picked up from their classroom by Program staff.  Parents are responsible to sign students in when brought to program and sign students out when they are picked up on the roster provided.  
  • Attendance:
If a student is absent from the Expanded Learning TK/Kindergarten program, we assume they were absent from school and never dropped off by a parent so it is not necessary to call.  Parents are obligated to pay for all scheduled days, even when your child does not attend.    
  • Expanded Learning is a “Mixed Age” Program for Students:
During the 3.5-hour Kindergarten Expanded Learning programs only TK/Kindergarten students are together however; before and after school Expanded Learning includes students from TK through sixth grade.   It is not always possible to separate the grade levels during these programs.

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