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Parent Committees

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Utilization of parent input is offered through a number of forums including site and community booster organization groups to ensure a diverse representation. These groups allow for on-going dialogue to take place between school staff and parents. These groups include all of the following below.


Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC): draws members from parents to represent our school at district level climate assessment/problem-solving meetings. The primary purpose of the Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC), originally formed in 1988 as the Intercultural Advisory Council, is to assist in the formation and review of policies that assure non-discriminatory practices in all operational areas of the Clovis Unified School District. Its further mission is to assist in improving the cultural environment of the District. 
IDAC Meetings:
Clovis High Area IDAC November 28th 6:00-7:30 pm
Weldon IDAC dates (meetings in Library): 
December 13th 3:15-4:15
February 21st 3:15-4:15
April 30th 3:15-4:15


School Assessment and Review Team (SART):  meets monthly during the school year to assess and review effectiveness of policies, procedures, programs and curriculum/textbook adoption, which are in place or proposed at Weldon. In March, CUSD conducts the annual SART Survey.  This survey solicits parent opinion on curricular, co-curricular, technology, and other issues facing the district.  SART is the only body entitled to process these surveys; the compiled results are shared with the community. 
For more information contact:Ray Lozano 

School Site Council

Families participating in Science Night
School Site Council (SSC):  meets quarterly with administrative, teacher, parent and student representatives to review and adopt the school site plan and grant final approval on all categorical funds.
For more information contact: :Celia Navarez 
 Meeting Dates:
Quarter 1 Monday October 8th  3:30pm 
Quarter 2 Thursday December 6th 3:10pm
Quarter 3 Tuesday March 12th 3:30pm
Quarter 4 Thursday May 16th 3:30 pm 
Annual Title I Meeting :
Thursday November 1st 5:00 pm
Family Nights:
Science Night: Thursday March 21st 5:00-7:00 pm
Open House: Thursday April 11th 5:30 -7:00 pm


An English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) must be formed whenever a school has over 21 or more EL students.  The ELAC must meet at least quarterly to discuss issues relative to the success of English learners.  The ELAC also completes a needs assessment on an annual basis to identify areas of need or areas where additional information is needed.  Each school is to nominate a District English Language Advisory Committee Member (DELAC) that would attend district level meetings and bring back and share district level information to their own school community as well as bring issues, concerns or needs to the DELAC.


In addition to the School Site Council (SSC), other school or district councils or committees are required under certain circumstances. A major difference between the SSC and advisory committees is that the District Governing Board is the final decision-making body regarding programs with advisory committees. The advisory committee has no program or budget authority, but makes recommendations to the school and Board for consideration. The SSC should be aware of the other advisory committees and should develop a means for good communication, since the decisions of the SSC will affect the students throughout the school. Such advisory committees in the Clovis Unified School District Learner Advisory Committee, the District Migrant Education Parent Advisory Council, the School and District level School Assessment Review Team (SART), and the District Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee.

For more information contact: :Celia Navarez 
 Meeting Dates:
Quarter 1 Monday October 8th  3:30pm 
Quarter 2 Thursday December 6th 3:10pm
Quarter 3 Tuesday March 12th 3:30pm
Quarter 4 Thursday May 16th 3:30 pm 
Annual Title I Meeting :
Thursday November 1st 5:00 pm
Family Nights:
Science Night: Thursday March 21st 5:00-7:00 pm
Open House: Thursday April 11th 5:30 -7:00 pm


Parent Teacher Club

What is PTC?

The Weldon Parent Club is an active organization which is open to all parents. Every parent is encouraged to join the club and support the school and its functions. The Parent Club, with its many activities, is an integral part of the total school partnership between parents, children and staff. As an active member of Parent Club, you can have a voice in your child's education.

How to Help

There is a simple way to help Weldon PTC raise money without pulling out a checkbook or collecting donations. It's a SHARES card! It's free & easy to use....just swipe the card before making a purchase at all area Lucky, Savemart, Food Maxx & S Mart Foods Supermarkets. Each time you use the card, 3% of the value of your purchase is automatically credited to Weldon PTC under your name & card number. If you have a card from a previous year, it s still valid. If you need a new one, contact the office or PTC.

Target Card
When you use your Target Card or your Target Visa Card, 1% of your purchases will be donated to Weldon Elementary. Weldon will receive 2.5% of your purchases when you order online at www.target.com. To register you will need the following information: WELDON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 150 DEWITT CLOVIS, CA 93612 School ID: 30385

Box Tops
Collection Sheet >>>Print

Clip — Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products and send them to school. Box Tops coupons are worth 10¢ each when our school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.

Shop — Shop at your favorite online stores through the Box Tops Marketplace. Up to 8% of each qualifying purchase is automatically donated to our school. There is no additional cost to your purchase and many exclusive deals and discounts can be found! Please turn in your box tops! You can find a complete list of participating products at www.boxtops4eduation.com


PTC Board 2018-2019

President – Kelley Holt
1st V.P. – Melodie Polsgrove
Treasurer – Leslie Collins
Secretary- Salina Barbo
Correspondence Secretary- Lisa Palomares

Our PTC President,
Mrs. K. Flynn, would like you to join the
Weldon PTC on "remind".
Keep informed!
REMIND is a free, safe, and simple messaging tool that helps school staff share important updates and reminders with students and parents. All personal info is kept private.
Download remind from your APP store and add @weldonpt
To receive messages via text, send a text saying 
@weldonpt to 81010. 


IDAC Agendas

Multicultural circle of kids holding hands
Every Monday, Weldon features one country during morning announcements. This includes trivia about that country and music played during recess.  The display case in front of the office also highlights various cultures and people groups in our communuties. Our students really enjoy learning about other cultures while fostering a new appreciation for those around them.  
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